The pest control world is changing. An industry once dominated by the repetitive application of harmful chemicals now has a myriad of options for the control of pests. But not every pest control company will choose them. At WPC Pest and Termite, we’re committed to providing you with solutions that deliver the results you want while maintaining environmental responsibility and safety for your loved ones. We’re continually keeping an ear to the ground to ensure our treatments are ahead of the curve. Our service selections enable you to have a pest-free existence without compromising your safety or your values.

We inspect and treat the outside and/or inside of your house four times during the year spring, summer, fall and winter. This way, we stop pests and rodents BEFORE they enter your home. You do not need to be home, but we do call every time we treat to make sure everything is going as planned and to answer any questions you may have. We treat your house like it is our own and leave notices accordingly.


Today’s treatment methods and the choice of materials to be used are constantly changing and improving daily. At WPC, our technicians are in training almost as much as they are treating homes. Keeping our technicians up to date with the changing technology insures that all of our clients are getting the most effective and safest programs the industry has to offer. Keeping our clients safe and pest free is why WPC PEST & TERMITE CONTROL has been in business for close to 40 years.

The best and safest materials that we use are:

These 4 brands of material can stop infestations and keep your family SAFE!


WPC Pest Control introduced to the industry the very important spider dewebbing technique. By dewebbing a home inside and out, you are eliminating an enormous array of pests. Most companies do not include removing spiders and their webs from your home in their regular treatments. This is a big mistake! At WPC this process of removing spiders and webs is important to keep our clients safe and happy in their homes, no matter what season it is. We replace spider webs with a safe material that will keep all insects away from your house..
I’m very pleased with the friendly service from WPC Pest. Nice people, easy to get along with. Affordable. I feel very comfortable trusting WPC for pest removal services.

Priscilla G., Milford, MA