For the clients that come to us for indoor pest control, we service them using the best indoor pesticide around. This formula is called Phantom, and it is the best of its kind for indoor use as well as for commercial food handling areas. What makes Phantom different from other pesticides you have used is that although it is a liquid solution, it applied selectively. Unlike most formulas, which are sprays, Phantom is applied in small targeted areas. Which means that there will be less chemicals in your home and more homes treated per bottled as it is strategically placed.

What also makes Phantom unique is that it attacks pests from inside their own bodies by preventing their cells from creating energy. In addition, Phantom does not work instantaneously, leaving a pile of dead bugs in the house, as the pests continue to go about their day until they die shortly after consumption. What makes this tactic so impressive, and successful, is that the bugs will not notice they have the chemical in their system. No way of warning other pests about the dangerous area, thus killing more of them. This chemical can be reapplied every 28 days, and even though it is for indoor use, a user can place it on outside entry points including, doors, windows, eaves, etc.

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