Mosquito Control

For years, you’ve trusted us to help you control pests such as cockroaches and termites. Now you and your community can depend on us to help you control mosquitoes, which transmit diseases such as West Nile Virus, malaria, and dengue fever. There are steps that you, too, can take to help control mosquitoes and prevent the transmission of these diseases.
Eliminate containers of standing water on your property.
Remove debris from gutters.
Cover or empty your swimming pool when not in use.
Use effective mosquito repellent when you’re outdoors.
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Mosquitoes are the number one insect complaint during the spring and summer months. There will never be a time where someone hasn’t complained about a past experience with these pests. Whether it is about their itchy bites or how they seem to never go away, there are people always talking about them. There are some control methods you could do your self such as:

Bug Spray
Mosquito Magnets
Mosquito Torches
Bug Zappers
These are all good solutions for quick fixes, however, they are temporary solutions. For a more permanent solution that could last the whole summer season, we recommend our services. WPC offers the best mosquito treatments for any yard. In addition to our services, we have some tips on how to keep mosquitoes at bay during the summer. These tips along with our treatment will ensure the summer fun you long for all season long!