Gypsy Moth Control

Moths are a common pest that we frequent a lot, whether it is outside or inside. With inside moths there are two different kinds; those that eat food and those that eat fabric. For moths that eat food, a common place to find them is in the kitchen or pantry area. Where ever they can find and eat food. For fabric moths, closest are usually where they reside and most people do not notice them until there are holes in clothes.

Along with those common moths, WPC pest control exterminates Gypsy Moths. These moths are external moths and are a real threat to the tree life as they are the leading cause of defoliation. To know if your yard is in the presence of gypsy moths, look at your trees and shrubs to see if any defoliation has occurred. We use the best products on the market to treat our clients issues. Leaving them 100% satisfied and pest free, contact us today for a free quote!
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