Eliminating Termites By Species with a Pest Control Service in Framingham MA

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January 24, 2018
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February 7, 2018

Eliminating Termites By Species with a Pest Control Service in Framingham MA

When it comes to termites, they tend to procreate at alarming rates. They also tend to live much longer than other common pests and insects. This is due to their ability to go deep within your home’s foundation, as well as any and all areas that have wood. It is the wooden planks and structures that give these pests warmth and protection from other predators in the area.

From dry wood to damp wood, pest control technicians are able to determine the exact species of any termite infestation and dispose of them appropriately. There are approximately 45 different species of termites found across the country and world, each breed with their own distinct behaviors and traits, includes subterranean workers, along with soldiers and other breeds.

But no matter what the hierarchy, all species of termites feed on wood and thus are very dangerous to your property and structure. Even a small infestation can send your property value plummeting. If you do have an infestation, you need to get rid of these pest quick and professionally. That’s where an accredited and professional pest control service comes in. They are familiar with the particular termite species you’re dealing with and they can get the job done and eliminate the termites from your property right the first time.

By pinpointing the exact species, pest control professionals can plan a highly effective course of action. They will know what will work and what won’t. They will spray your interiors and exteriors with industry-leading pesticides. These defense mechanisms can eliminate entire termite colonies and preventing them from breeding, in many cases, with just one treatment. Aerial pesticides can be sprayed indoors which helps eradicate any termites hiding in basements, crawl spaces and especially between your walls and Sheetrock.

Termites cause thousands of dollars in damages each year and much of that damage is done to private homes. The reason for this is your home is a perfect breeding ground for termites of all shapes, sizes and breeds. Only a licensed and dedicated pest control service can truly rid your home of these wood lovers. If you are dealing with termites, don’t go it alone. Contact your local pest control technicians so that they can determine the exact species of the termite that is ruining the foundation of your structure, be it private residence or public business, and get the piece of mind that your place will soon be free of these pests once and for all.