The Effectiveness of Temprid from a Pest Control Service in Framingham MA

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The Effectiveness of Temprid from a Pest Control Service in Framingham MA


One of the most challenging things you can ever face is home invasion by unwanted pests. It is a source of great anxiety until you find effective pest control professionals to resolve the issue and make your home safe again. If you are looking for pest control services in Framingham MA, here are some things to consider about Temprid, an extremely effective pesticide used by industry leaders.

Temprid is a bug spray that is well-known in the pest control industry. It is one of numerous pesticides that pest control managers know about and utilize. What makes this an extraordinary product that pest control managers love is it can be utilized for indoor and outside use. Pest control services in Framingham, MA use Temprid because it works so well as a perimeter defense. It is applied three feet up and ten feet out from the home or building, preventing bugs from invading your space in the first place.

Temprid insecticide is a suspension formulation combining two active ingredients, imidacloprid and beta-cyfluthrin. Due to its slower kill time, imidacloprid excels as a vehicle to transfer the treatment to other social insects like ants and cockroaches. One major feature of Temprid is that it wipes out aphids and scale insects as well as mealybugs.

Mealybugs make honeydew, a favored sustenance for ants that encourages them to keep coming back into your home. Since this bug spray can be utilized both inside and outside, there is an extensive list of nuisances and bugs it can control. Temprid controls bed bugs for as long as six months and works well on pesticide-resistant bugs like ants, spiders and flies. Its two-prong action destroys both bed bugs and eggs.

Keep in mind that you should always feel free to ask any questions you have before scheduling an appointment with a local pest control service in Framingham MA.